Wake up with a blackeye

it's nitro time!

Roasted in Minneapolis, brewed in Saint Paul, on draft and in cans throughout the Midwest, it's time to try Blackeye Roasting Co.

Smooth, flavorful cold brew coffee with quite a kick! Drink our cold brew on tap or in a can - it's bright, floral, and so smooth. Whether it's our Signature cold brew or our Nitro cold brew, wake up with us.

We prefer our Cold Brew over ice, or sometimes neat. Feel free to mix it upwith cream or a finger of whiskey...It's perfect for waking up, moving forward, and extending your day.

Meet us at our first home, Quixotic Coffee
who proudly features Blackeye Cold Brew, on-tap, along with a few other pleasurable non-alcoholic beverages. Come check us out!