The humble beginnings...

Blackeye Roasting Co. was founded in 2013 by Matthew McGinn, a Boston transplant living in Minneapolis. He had been roasting small batch coffee for over 15 years. With humble beginnings, he began bottling cold brew in his commercial kitchen in Saint Paul, quickly delivering the brews to the hands of thirsty coffee aficionados.

His expertise in roasting and cold brewing quickly grew his hand bottling operation into a turnkey production. Matt brought in experts in food science, chemistry, and process development to continually deliver the highest caliber specialty coffee possible.

BlackEye Roasting today...

Today, we at Blackeye are known for our carefully crafted brews, small batch beans, unique draft lattes and cocktails. It’s our aim to deliver a proper high end retail coffee experience with convenience and simplicity.

Wake up with Blackeye!

now sold at over 2000 locations